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About Me

Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm a Computer Science major at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the Class of 2021. I have had a passion for technology since I was young. I have worked on many projects below focused on Mobile Applications and Web Development. As a creative hobby, I also enjoy Video Editing through Adobe Creative Cloud Products.


August 2018 — Present

Georgia Tech College of Computing

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Currently teach CS 1331 - Introduction to Object Oritented Programing. Taught a 1 1/2 hour weekly recitation, graded tests and homework, and helped create assignments

Object Oriented Programing Teaching
May 2018 — August 2018

BlueFletch Mobile

Android Developer

During my summer, my focus was on developing a new platform to support Android for Work Devices. This platform allowed Bluefletch’s Enterprise Mobility Services to communicate with non-rugged devices if a company already had a supply of Android devices. I was able to get first-hand experience in proper application architecture and using background services. I attended weekly code reviews and received feedback on how to improve the function and style of my code from the senior developers. Toward the end of my project, I started learning how to test and use dependency injection methods like Dagger 2 properly. Learning to test inspired me to practice using other tools such as Espresso and Robolectric along with developing software using Test-Driven Development. In between working on the Android for Work platform, I wrote a library to instantly update the theme on runtime for Android applications. Instead of building 5-6 apps for each demo, there is now one set of demo apps that has a customizable color scheme and logo support. During a demo, developers and managers can quickly and easily change colors and logos to showcase the customization of our products while saving 5-7 hours of development per requested demo. At the end of the project, I used Confluence to write documentation for how to use the new demo set apps for internal reference. Another in-between project I worked on was prototyping development features for Bluefletch’s products. One element was touchless-login which included NFC, Barcode, and Face authentication. These quick two week prototypes gave me experience with OpenCV and Android NDK along with NFC intents and Zebra barcode scanning. After the prototypes were working, me and one of the other interns produced a demo video that showcases the features.

Android Development Video Production Test Driven Development
May 2017 — July 2017

Cisco Systems

Intern Coordinator

Lead a selective 5-week STEM internship at Cisco for Rising Seniors and Freshman in College. I facilitated 20 students in various activities and meetings regarding professional development, IOT solutions, and sales. During my time there, my main focus was on collecting feedback through talking with the students, on-site program coordinators, program manager, and mentors. I compiled all the comments to create a final presentation that outlines what the program excelled at and what changes to experiment with. My time as an intern coordinator gave me experience in leading a medium sized group and handling all the needed logistics around a program while assimilating me to a professional environment. I was also able to learn from my mentors and peers what areas I should focus on that reflect my character.

Leadership STEM IOT Sales
Aug 2014 — Aug 2017

Hamiltion Mill United Methodist Church

Audio & Video Crew

During my time at HMUMC, I was responsible for all video and audio equipment on Sunday worship. I worked directly with the talent to produce a weekly large group productions and big holiday service worship nights. I was also repsonsible for training other students on the equipment and software.

Pro Presenter 6 Midas Sound Board Lights Audio
April 2017 — Present


Video Editing

Produce videos for clients for social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. I use Premiere Pro to edit clips and Photoshop to produce images for clients to post for content.

Premiere Pro CC Photoshop CC After Effects CC



Unfoldit is designed to test and enhance your spatial awareness abilities. In each level, a series of intermediate states of paper are shown as the paper is folded and hole-punched sequentially. Your job is to mentally unfold the paper and show where the hole punches are on the unfolded paper. Lead developer on the Android Application. Created using Kotlin, MVVM Architecture and Android Architecture Components. Finalists for the Georgia Tech Inventure Prize 2019.

http://www.unfolditapp.com/ View College of Computing Publication View Inventure Prize Pitch Android Kotlin MVVM Android Architecture Components

Traffic Predictor

Traffic Predictor is an Android App which utilizes CalTrans (California Traffic Collection Service) JSON Data to determine the predicted traffic on a given month, day, and time. The data is collected through a web scraper and imported to Google Maps through Java Objects from the JSON Data.

View Repository Android Java JSON Google Maps API

Secure School Browser

Secure School Browser is an app that embeds a browser designed for Gwinnett County Public Schools to be used for testing and education purposes. Contained in the app is a QR Reader and Teacher reporter. If the student tabs out on app, a session is logged and submitted to the teacher how long the student was tabbed out for and level of severity. The data is then viewed on an external website database using Postgres and Ruby on Rails.

View Repository Android Java Ruby Postgres GET/PUSH Request

Dev Match

Dev Match is a website built using Ruby on Rails. Dev Match allows developers and Entrepreuners to connect to create new projects! The site utilizes, login/signup features, Stripe payments, and Postgres database usage. The front-end of the page is using bootstrap for repsonsive design.

View website Ruby Postgres Bootstrap HTML & CSS Stripe


AskBuzz is an Alexa skill for Georgia Tech Students. Commands include singing the Tech Traditions, playing the WREK Radio, Finding out current classes, and checking the number of meal swipes left. The skill is coded with python by utilizing Flask created for HackGT 2017.

View AskBuzz Github View AskBuzz-Auth Github Alexa Skill Python Flask Ruby

Video & Graphics Portfolio

All of my video and graphic work can be viewed on my Adobe Portfolio. All the work has been created using Adobe Products and videos are shot with Sony DSLRs

View Portfolio Premiere CC Photoshop CC After Effects CC Video Production

Development Skills

Java Development

Object Oriented Programming Data Structures & Collections Test Driven Development Quality Assurance JUnit Algorithms Design Patterns Refactoring JavaDocs IntelliJ IDEA

Android Development


Java Kotlin Dart

Android SDK:

Android Studio Activity Lifecycle Activities Fragments Services Broadcasts Views and Layouts Flutter

Data Persistence:

SQLite Realm SharedPref Local Files JSON




Espresso Mockito PowerMock Android Instrumental Tests Monkey Continous Integration


Butterknife Dagger 2 GSON Retrofit OkHTTP Timber Room Picasso Glide

Team Skills and Dev Tools

Team Skills

Eager to Learn Communication Approachability Patience Open-mindedness

Development Tools

Git Github & Bitbucket Git feature workflow SourceTree Visual Code Slack Trello Jira Travis.ci Confluence

Other Skills

Python HTML & CSS Excel Adobe Premeire Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop